Updated: Dec 20, 2019

We have added a new #service to the ones we already had. This time is about re-amping. I know a lot of people out there would like to have that dreamed-of amplifier sounding on their tunes. There are lots of circumstances that stop you from getting it.

So, here we are. No worries. Stop crying, we can do it for you. Just send me your guitar tracks, they'll be re-amped and back to you with that amazing sound you always dreamt of to have. Click here to be re-amped.

Some of the amps I have around for this task:

  • Engl

  • Orange

  • Behringer

  • Vox

  • Bugera

  • Line 6

  • Rockstar

  • Marshall*

  • Mesa Boogie*

  • Hugues & Kettner

(* = I don't actually have it around, just give me one more day to fetch it)

By the way, if you are interested in any other amp not listed above, ask me for it and I'll surely get it for you.

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