Order the CD master option or DDP format (Disc Description Protocol). This is if you want to print a CD out of your music. We’ll compile a full Red Book compliant PMCD in DDP format (currently the most used format amongst CD reproduction houses). With this, you'll be able to listen to it in the same way it'll be played. You need to download a DDP player like the "free SONORIS DDP player".


The process includes audio conversion, ordering and spacing the tracks, entering ISRC/Cat.N/Barcode (if available) and CD TEXT titles. 

Formato DDPi

  • Audio conversion
  • Ordering the tracks
  • Spacing and adjusment between the tracks
  • Entering ISRC/Cat.N/Barcode (if available)
  • Entering EAN (UPC) (if available)
  • CD/TEXT titles