Mastering is adding sparkle and shine to your music. In a very basic sense, when you master your album, you're making sure that song one doesn't blow out the speakers while song two is barely audible - in other words, you want the levels of the songs to be similar, and you want a general sense of cohesiveness to your recording, It also add the finishing touches to the song to bring it to its highest potential, making as loud as possible without distorting and making the song sound big and strong while sounding wider and clearer to emerge you in its sound. No song should be without mastering!


If you are in a hurry, select this option. For Mastering, we’ll deliver your first audition file within 2 business days from receiving your material, instead of the normal 7 business days. Revisions will also be processed more quickly.




NOTE: This service goes for only Stereo Mastering, not the Stem Mastering. If you would like Stem Mastering then please go to "Stem Mastering".

After you've make your order you will need to Correctly Prepare and Send your Material. Please go back and see HOW MY MASTERING SERVICE WORKS to proceed.

Have Questions? Please see our FAQ page.



I believe in keeping my customers happy. If you are unsatisfied with your results I am willing to make any small changes and adjustments free of charge (Before Mastering). For bigger adjustments, you will be able to use your Free Revision(s) or order a revision add-on.


For a track replacement (before mastering) there will be a revision fee of $25

For revisions to a mix after it's been Mastered There will be a revision fee of $50


Unfortunately, I do NOT make refunds. If you have any questions please e-mail Lucas Toledo at