If you have some compositions made, maybe on your DAW, and you'd like them to be written on paper for their interpretation and reproduction later, this service is for you.


Maybe you lack the knowledge to have your creations written. You know, it takes a lot of experience on instruments to write an appropriate staff. The nature, texture or pitch of the instrument, the skills required to play certain low or high notes... Some musicians could find your composition impossible or unpleasant when playing. Avoid this and get the most of your works and songs.


I can suggest, if necessary, some changes to improve or corrections, with no charge. But this is up to you.


You'll have to pass me first your audio before buying and talk about the size of the work if you have any doubts, so I can let you know the amount of staves you'll have to purchase.


Note: The price is for stave or any extra line (notes or lyrics) added on the stave itself.

Note: 50+ staves, email me at lucasmixmastering@gmail.com

Have your Compositions Transcripted

€500.00 Regular Price
€19.00Sale Price
  • Up to 5 minutes per song.
  • Delivery depending on the size of the song. From 3 days to 30 days.
  • Rush service available at 20%. You'll shorten the delivery from 1 to 10 days.