If you have some compositions finished, maybe on scores, and you'd like them to sound how they're supposed to, then this service is for you.    Maybe you're composing for a band, or for an orchestra, or for yourself, but you don't have the means to get your creations to sound the way they're in your head. Sometimes you're composing on a Notation DAW with those cold and terrbile midi sounds... This is for you.    I can suggest, if necessary, some changes to improve or corrections, with no charge. But this is up to you.    If you just looking for an interpretation of a solo or something of the kind go to the Add a Solo or Performance service. The service where you are at right now is meant for a whole song and their instruments included.

Make your SCORES come to LIFE

€500.00 Regular Price
€199.00Sale Price
Includes: Songs up to 5 min. Interpretation of the work Recording Correction of the harmony Mixing Mastering