Let's say, Lucas Toledo will be one more member of your band through the whole production. Everything will be included in here:


- All included in Advance Mixing
- Mastering
- All included in  Vocal Tracks tuned and timed
- All included in Rhythm Editing
- Advanced Technics of production such as the addition of extra FX, instruments (when necessary to reinforce parts), extra vocals for your chorus (if necessary).
- The addition of extra parts (if necessary) such as an intro, beats, transition to glue two parts better...
- Arrangements. This includes the change of some chords to remove boring parts or making them more interesting, correction and/or edition and/or replacement of the bass instrument to create more elaborate and interesting lines, etc.
- Review of riffs and parts in order to make sure everything is tightened up. This goes both for accents that aren't in line with the rest of phrases and/or instruments and in order to consolidate the tune, chord and harmonies. Get an organic result.

- Re-Amping.


To sum it up, this an excelente all-in-one package. 


Multi-track Export option or Extra Mixes not included.

Music Production